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Do NOT add a membership to your profile UNLESS the following applies to you:
Leisure Learning membership (for adults 55+) is required to register for Leisure Learning courses. Applied Behavior Analysis membership only applies to ABA students. 
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Leisure Learning Adults 55+Leisure Learning

Quality instruction and social engagement for people 55+

Leisure Learning provides stimulating programs for seasoned adults who are interested in joining a spirited community of intellectual contemporaries. Energize your mind, make new friends and become part of a growing and vibrant community of lifelong learners. Membership is only $35 per year. Membership is required for Leisure Learning classes, but is not required for Lunch 'N' Learn events.
For additional information: 
Phone: (850) 473-7468

Applied Behavior Analysis

This free membership is the first step for students who wish to enroll in Applied Behavior Analysis courses to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA).  This membership is similar to an application and enables students to create a profile and register for UWF ABA courses. Learn more about the entire online course sequence at Students begin the course sequence with the first course (Foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis). For students who want to transfer or return to UWF and take courses in the middle of the sequence, please register for this ABA membership and one of our Office of ABA team members will contact you. Visit the Behavior Analyst Certification Board website to learn more about the BCBA and BCaBA certifications.
**Note: Once you create your online profile, make sure to save your username and password to use for ABA course registrations throughout the sequence.
For additional information: 
Phone: (850) 474-2704